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Ann Arbor Deer Deer Management Meetings

Ann Arbor Deer Management Report 8-14-2014

Ann Arbor OKs $20K to Create Deer Plan

Read more in the August 18, 2014 Ann Arbor Chronicle at

8/17/2015– Aug 17 City Council Meeting
7/13/2015– July 13 City Council Meeting
4/16/2015–April 16 Deer Management meeting

2/5/2015– View the video of the Feb 5th meeting.

8/18/2014- View the video of the meeting.

9/8/2014- Tracy Grogan’s comments is at 01:51:00–01:54:16 on the video of the Council meeting. He spoke in the Public Comment period at the end of the meeting.


    the topic of deer control starts at minute 14:00 and goes through 25:50; the clip that captures the Council’s deer management resolution discussion and vote starts at 02:35:41 and ends at 02:50:30